What makes a really good lantern?

Here are the main things to consider when making a lantern…

  • Will it be easy to carry for over 30 mins? Will it hold together and is it comfortable to carry?
  • Can I fit it in my car/out the door after I have made it? (mostly our experience with willow construction)
  • What materials am I using? Can you see light through them? Good materials are thin plastic like bottles, plastic bags, tissue paper, Coloured permanent marker (not black)
  • How can you get your lantern up high? If the lantern is not high it can’t get seen. It is a great idea to pick up a stick in the woods or get a bit of bamboo so you can get your lantern as high as possible.
  • Our parade is both in the dark (lights inside the lantern must be strong) and as we walk on the street it has external light sometimes (great for a bit of sparkle). When you are making your lantern try to balance the design between what the lantern will look like in the dark and what it will look like on the street.
  • Have fun!


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