"Watching the children's pride and excitement is a real reward for the hard work that goes into the parade over the year."

We need your skills and talents!

What is your skill?

We need as many hands on board as possible. We need people with a variety of skills - not everyone has to be an artist! Keeping the parade going is a multi-faceted thing and we need help from people with lots of differing skills. Everything from driving the van on the day, all the way through to making sure that the press releases go out on time or that the schools have all got their workshops arranged.

Video and Photography

We rely heavily on the photos and video that people take of the event. The photographs and films are the memory and legacy of the event. Every photographer has a unique angle on the event and we know our participating families love to plough through the video's and images to find themselves walking or creating. Please let us know if you have any photos of the event that you'd like to share here on the website. We appreciate the media volunteers so much!


If you are interested in the social impact of your work and having a project that has a direct and grassroots impact on the local community we are the parade for you. We make everything from scratch and working alongside local community groups and schools. This parade is truly loved and owned by its participants. Every artist can shine with us.

Where do we need help?

Our field preparation team need help putting out the field decorations and marking out the stage on the day of the event.

We always needs assistants for our very popular and busy lantern making workshop. This involves helping children and adults to put together a lantern ahead of the main parade event.

There's actually a lot of organisational work that goes on behind the scenes on the run up to the event, for example organising our garage that stores our kit. We have a lot of stuff and very limited space - so it's a bit of an art-form! 

We can never have enough large and exciting lantern pieces for the parade. You could come and volunteer to help out at a lantern making workshop in one of the schools or even just make your own at home to bring along on the day. The lanterns really make the parade, so making a lantern is really a great and fun way to support the event.

We are always looking for static marshals to keep the walkers safe on the route. It's a very straight forward role and you'll be fully briefed on the day.

Join our team of artists. The parade needs artists to keep growing and staying fresh.

If you can make a regular commitment to attend a few meetings throughout the year then you might like to join the core organisers team who oversee the event as a whole and ensure that the parade is put on to a high standard.

We are always hoping for people to volunteer and carry one of the big pieces in the parade. It's a really fun way to take part in the event and play a crucial roll. Let us know if you can help!

The parade is nothing without a good fundraiser. We are always in need of someone with expertise in this area.

Our video from 2017 says it all! All help makes the parade bigger and better. 

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