The Adur Sea of Lights has become so successful it has outgrown being a constituted group and is now being transformed into a charity. This change means we are now looking for a treasurer that has or is interested in gaining experience of working with charities. 



  • Oversee the financial affairs of the organisation and ensure they are legal, constitutional and within accepted accounting practice.
  • Ensure proper records are kept and that effective financial procedures are in place.
  • Monitor and report on the financial health of the organisation.
  • Oversee the production of necessary financial reports/returns, accounts and audits.


  • Liaise with relevant staff, committee members and/or volunteers to ensure the financial viability of the organisation.
  • Make fellow committee members aware of their financial obligations and take a lead in interpreting financial data to them.
  • Regularly report the financial position at committee meetings (balance sheet, cash flow, fundraising performance etc).
  • Oversee the production of an annual budget and propose its adoption at the last meeting of the previous financial year.
  • Ensure proper records are kept and that effective financial procedures and controls are in place, ie:
    • Cheque signatories
    • Purchasing limits
    • Purchasing systems
    • Petty cash/ float
    • Salary payments
    • Pensions
    • PAYE and NI payments
    • Others as appropriate
  • Appraising the financial viability of plans, proposals and feasibility studies.
  • Lead on appointing and liaising with auditors/an independent examiner.
  • Undertake bookkeeping duties and/or oversee the finance volunteer ensuring posting and bookkeeping is kept up-to-date.
  • Maintain the petty cash system and regularly process petty cash claims
  • Regularly carry out reconciliations/ oversee regular reconciliations by the finance volunteer.
  • Arrange payments to creditors as appropriate and arrange appropriate signatures on payments.
  • Make the necessary arrangements to collect payments from debtors and bank payments promptly.


  • Knowledge and experience of current and fundraising finance practice relevant to voluntary and community organisations.
  • Knowledge of bookkeeping and financial management (as necessary).
  • Good financial analysis skills.
  • Ability to communicate clearly
For more information on what a trustee is responsible for please click here


We are in a position now where our parade is so successful that we are making the move to charity status. To do this successfully we need to find a fun loving but responsible board of trustees. 

At its simplest, the role of the trustee board is to receive assets from donors, safeguard them and apply them for the charitable purposes as declared in the objects of Adur Sea of Lights Projects. The trustee board must always act in the best interests of Adur Sea of Lights Projects, exercising the same duty of care that a prudent person of business would in looking after the affairs of someone for whom he had responsibility. The trustee board must act as a group and not as individuals.

If you are interested in helping this project to broaden and fulfil it's potential please contact us.    


Trustee Chair


  • Leading the committee and the organisation to enable it to fulfil its purpose.

  • To ensure an effective relationship between:

    • the committee and the staff/volunteers

    • the committee and the external stakeholders/community

  • Acting as a spokesperson and figurehead as appropriate.

  • To supervise and support the head of staff.


  • Plan and prepare the committee meetings and the AGM with others as appropriate.

  • Chair committee meetings ensuring:

    • A balance is struck between time-keeping and space for discussions.

    • Business is dealt with and decisions made.

    • Decisions, actions and deliberations are adequately minuted.

    • The implementation of decisions is clearly assigned and monitored.

  • Ensure adequate support and supervision arrangements are made for the head of staff and any other staff/volunteers directly managed or reporting to the committee.

  • Ensure that a successor is found before you leave.


  • A willingness to lead the organisation

  • Possesses tact, diplomacy and powers of persuasion.

  • Possesses relevant knowledge

  • Has the relevant skills to run a meeting well.



Grants and fundraising willing we will have openings for artists and performers. Adur SOL runs mainly around November but there are workshop dates before this that need covering. We do not have a lot of paid work so letting us know who you are, what you do and how you could benefit the lantern parade is really important. If we have your details we can try to give you work as it comes up. 


We have a huge need for volunteers. Your skills are definitely needed with us. We need everything from standing marshals on the day to people who can just reach out and connect with us so we h=can bring the arts to your organisation. Field volunteers on the day making sure the gazebos and lights are up, lantern carriers, people to help in the lantern making workshop in the morning, walking marshals, fundraisers... anything you can bring to the table would be brilliant. For more information go to our volunteers page