Why Support Us?







Why Support the PARADE?

About Our Ethos

We are an inclusive organisation that creates awesome art in the community for everybody. The Arts is our focus and through art in the community we can help to reduce loneliness, increase health and well being and bring economic growth (as a side effect) to the area.

Why a Parade?

We are an event that gives the whole community a platform to display their strengths. Whatever a person's age or background, everybody can take part and nobody is excluded. We take over the street and fill the winter air with our creations and light. A parade is a public way of coming together as a community.

More Facts About Us

We are run solely by the community for the community and have been running for five years now. Hard working volunteers are the core organisers of the parade. We are a totally grassroots organisation but we can only exist through the kindness of our sponsors.

The Power of The Arts

The arts and culture are somewhat missing from our financially deprived area. We have been underfunded for a long time in terms of public money and our project brings badly needed art, culture and community engagement to the area.

Our parade brings groups, schools and working families workshops and free lantern making sessions

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