Why Support Us?


The Adur Sea of Lights vision is to harness the local communities creativity and expose and make accessible the wonders and power of the arts to as many people as possible. We want to bring friendship, communication and creativity to the Adur district and its surrounding towns and villages.


We aim to make the arts relevant and accessible to everyone. You will be in no doubt of the power of the arts after experiencing a creative lantern parade walking through your own local streets. Arts and culture are for everyone even if you live in a place regarded as deprived. Our kids deserve the arts on their doorstep and to see how the arts function in real life. 


Through the vehicle of the arts, we are looking to inspire a creative, stronger and more connected community. By offering a platform for people to network and create partnership, show off their individual talents and strengths and an event that brings people from all backgrounds together, we know that we are a part of making our community a healthier place. 


The parade was born from a few like-minded people in the community and now it thrives as a very popular and in demand event, that the schools and the public want to have yearly. Our team volunteer throughout the year tackling the endless to-do list. Without them there just would not be a parade at all.


Every year the parade gets bigger and better. Every year more people get on board and the parade takes on more of a light of its own. Our Adur SOL community benefits the area in countless ways and we will always strive to include more people and reach more artists. Some children only know their lives with the Adur sea of lights in it. We are very proud to be a big part of their childhood memories. So much good has already been done and we promise to carry on the good work for as long as we can. 
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