Schools & Groups

Welcome to our parade

With our schools and group liaison participating in the parade should be really easy. Let's blow everyone's socks off like we do every year!  
What, When and Where?

This years theme is SPACE. Claire Lemmon should have been in touch with your school already. You should have been offered an outreach visit and some help with materials or lights where it was needed. We are excited about this year's theme and are expecting Dr Who, planet, alien-themed lanterns to mention just a few. 

Please let your students know there is a free lantern making session in the Lancing Parish Hall from 12pm - 3pm.  This year from 11am - 12pm there is a quieter session for SEN families.

Parade gathers from 4pm on the field. We leave at 4.30 to walk the route. 


Meeting Place
  • When you confirm you are coming we will assign you a flag and meeting place. If you haven't got one please get in touch and we will find a place for you. The usual place for meeting is along the football club wall. Anyone on the field can direct you to that. 
  • We will have an information point for any concerns you have. They will also let you know where the lost child point is.
  • The flags are tall and easy to see along the football club wall from a distance.
What we can do
  • We can fund some materials and an artist to help your school or group create their main centrepiece
  • We can provide your school with a place on the field for you to rest your lanterns before the parade
  • We can provide you with a point of contact so you have just one person to communicate with about the parade. This will be Claire Lemmon but she will have a schools deputy on the field. We will let you know as soon as we have a volunteer placed in this role. 
What we can't do
  • Unfortunately we cannot store your lanterns overnight before the event because as a group all we currently have is one tiny garage for the whole parade!
  • We also cannot arrange or hire a van to bring your lanterns to the field - we just do not have enough volunteers or funds to offer that
  • We cannot currently offer you power. We recommend you bring a generator if you need power.


Over the coming year we plan to use our downloads area to make as many resources as we can available online. So it's always check their first!

If you need any further information from us then please do contact us and we will get back to you as soon as a volunteer is available.


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