Every year Northbrook graphic design students and illustration students use the Adur Sea of Lights for one of their modules. They design masks and other downloads for people to print off and make for the parade. We are very proud of our partnership with Northbrook. 

The Lancing Parish councillors come out in force to help with the toughest part of the parade, marshalling. They are endlessly supportive and help with various jobs throughout the day. Thank you so much for all your help! 

Unfortunately, Lancing's Monks Rec is not always lovely and in a fit state for the field event. Thanks to the volunteers of Keep Lancing Lovely working with us the field is ready for you all on the day.

Martin Bloomfield has been involved in one way and another since the beginning of the parade. Bloomfield Digital has donated us countless free videos and photographs. An all-around awesome company and chap.

Gary Levett, another awesome photographer that has given us his time and art. He has produced some of the more iconic pictures of the parade. Thank you so much Gary!

Sean Stones has given his time and photographs to us and he is responsible for the amazing picture we call Tron's child. He has a Facebook page here. 


Geriant Harding is local photographer who has kindly donated some beautiful photography to help support the parade.

Serv Sussex were totally awesome this year. They marshalled for us. Thank you so much again! 

Sudz cleaners are not just a regular donor to the parade, but they are also contribute to the vibe and creativity of the event. Many times they have created an Adur Sea of Lights themed shop window display that has set the bar high for the parade's creativity. This year they also helped out by volunteering on the day. Thank you for everything you do! 


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