Free Lantern Making

Free SPACE THEMED Lantern Making Workshop

On the day of the parade, we run a free workshop that runs from 12pm until 3pm at the Parish Hall in Lancing. It's on a drop-in basis so there's no need to book in advance. However it does tend to get very busy towards the end, so we would advise arriving early if you don't want to queue.

This year we have achieved another SEN goal and can offer a quieter session for SEN families. This free session will be in the Lancing Paris Hall from 11am to 12pm 

The theme this year is SPACE

Come to the session and make a lantern based around this exciting theme!


Our free lantern making session offers everyone a chance to make a lantern or costume piece for the main parade. The four lantern designs our artist picks are always in keeping with the theme of the parade but completely open to your creativity. We hope you let your imagination run wild!

The parade itself and the lantern making session are kept free to enable all families to have access to the parade regardless of their current financial situation.

Please note: It is advisable not to arrive too late - the session is often busy close to the parade gathering time.

If you would like to volunteer in the session just contact us and we can explain what that would involve and how you can help.


There will be a selection of lanterns designed by our artists for you all to choose from. The lanterns will be theme based and possibly inspired by the local school's main lantern ideas. We have widened the 'difficulty' of the lantern designs - something easy for the little ones through to something a bit harder for older participants (mums and dads we are looking at you!)


Everyone is welcome to attend the lantern making session. The session is provided for free to ensure it's accessible to all families in the area. We also realise that mums, dads and grandparents need this opportunity to create something for the parade. If you come to the session we want you to make something - no matter how old you are!

Quiet Session: We are hoping to run an autism friendly quiet session before the main session in the coming years. If this would be of interest to you please do let us know so that we can get an idea of the numbers involved.

If you would like to volunteer in the session please contact us and we can explain what that would involve and how you can help.

We have a small cafe at the session that sells a limited selection of refreshments such as tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes. The cafe is run for free by our super-awesome volunteers and stocked by donations from the local supermarkets. All profits raised from the cafe get put back into the parade and help us to put on another year of the Adur Sea of Lights. We all need a drink and a cake to keep the creative energy flowing!

If you would like to volunteer in the cafe please do contact us and we can explain what that would involve and how you can help.


Our resident creative genius is Claire Lemmon. She is the owner and power behind the Fabulous Art Club. Claire has run our bonkers lantern session for three years. Every year her lantern designs inspire some very awesome art. Here is where you can find Claire and the Fabulous Art Club 


This is a free session, however every year people ask if they can donate to make sure next year happens. There will be buckets in place for donations on the morning if you would like to donate at the session. They are normally by the cafe area.

You can also donate with PayPal here on the website by pressing the donate button at the top of the page. We are also running a crowdfunding campaign this year if you would prefer to be a part of that. All donations go towards making the next year's parade possible.

If you would like to donate your time to the session do please contact us and we can explain what that would involve and how you can help.

If you don't have a lantern don't worry. Here are some ideas!

If you can't make it to the lantern making workshop and want to make something at home check out our downloads page and the videos below. There are so many ideas put together for you to print off and decorate at home. Everything from costume pieces to lanterns made completely from your recycling.

We have a selection of masks PDFs, accessory PDFs and lantern ideas in our download section. 

Recycled Bottle Lantern

A Bog Baby Inspired Lantern

A Sweet Shaped Lantern

Make a Big Lollipop Lantern

What to expect at our lantern making session

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