Arts Collective

We love the art of creation.

Our passion is to bring ideas, big and small to life. We have high standards believing the community deserves good quality arts events and a thirst for awesomeness.  

We are a collective of artists and volunteers who are creating grassroots arts movement in the Adur and Worthing area.


All of our projects are designed to not only be awesome but inspire and tackle the local communities needs. 


We want to connect artists across the Adur and Worthing area. Being an artist can feel lonely and tough. 


As an Artist surrounding yourself with like-minded inspiration is worth its weight in gold. We are your gold! 

We are focused on promoting the individual.

Everyone in the Adur Sea Of Lights team is important. We encourage, promote and empower every member of our team as much as we can. Where we can, we create opportunities not only for the community at large but for the members of the team too. So who can join our Arts Collective? EVERYONE.


Graphics and Digital Media artists 


Whatever your currently prefered medium be it music, dance, drama, willow, paint...


If you are new to the arts or an old hand

We are proud of our work.

Working together we can change our own fate and the lives of others. 

We would love to hear from you.

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